Diana Williams Promotions source the most unique and talented people from across Canada - both men and women - who are perfect to staff your next event.

In this website you will find a wide variety of looks and styles required for any type of promotion. We work closely with our clients to ensure that you select "that perfect person".

Our talent are sourced, interviewed, checked and trained professionals.  In today's fast paced world, cheaper alternatives do exist through social media.  Your image is too important to risk hiring "unknown talent" as they are the vital component and "face" of your promotional success and corporate identity.

Whether you need a product specialist, a spokesperson, a street sampling team, ticket-sellers for fundraisers, mascots or hosts/ hostesses, we accommodate all of your staffing and promotional needs.
Over the last 25 years, Diana Williams Promotions has met and exceeded its client's staffing expectations. We have built a solid reputation for excellent customer service and being committed to our clients.